Video Slots
Video Slots currently form a significant part of sales in online gambling. In the games large amounts of money are used and the slot machine, the Internet casinos easily mastered. It is not easy to say why it is so. Clear, machines are games that you can play with money and also free and they are very easy to understand, but only by this fact can not be explained their popularity. Anyway, slot machines are games that long before the emergence of online casinos were popular. In fact, just slot machines gambling have popularized long before the phenomenon called slot machines and games of chance appeared.

The slot machines were born in the United States in the late nineteenth century. The first model of "armed bandits", which made the game famous machine was invented by Charles Fey in San Francisco in California between the years 1887 and 1895. The first slot machines were developed based on the game of poker, but Fey has found that these games have a lot of winning combinations and it was technically difficult to produce the machines.

That is why he has his Liberty Bell because first modern machine, equipped with three wheels and a total of five symbols - iron, diamond, heart, leaf and Liberty Bell (translated as "bell of freedom"). These slot machines have become so popular that it brought the wheels of the whole industry, which was based on these games going. In 1907, Herbert Mills from Chicago began the Slots Operator Bell produce. Operator Bell was a mutation of the Liberty Bell. These slot machines were soon to hit and were distributed throughout the United States.

In 1891, the company Littman and Pitt began dating New York with the production of machines to produce five reel with poker cards. Who has used his money and a poker combination has gotten, won a free drink or a pack of cigarettes, because these slot machines had no payout mechanism. Slot machines were in fact soon an eyesore of Justice (in this period was Hasard in the US illegally) and by gains in the form of food and drink sodden operators of justice.

The advent of the Internet was a challenge for the gambling and online slot machines could not be missing in the offer. First, the Casino had to figure out where you could place their legal server - online slot machines were (and are) not just desired. The problem was solved when the legislature of the island state of Antigua and Barbuda has made this possible. Online slot machines could be started, but it was necessary to develop the appropriate software. The company Micro gaming cared very fast and the company Crypto Logic developed a security software designed to protect the money of the players against hackers. The first online casino, which has also offered online slot machines.

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