Online Roulette is one of the most popular games of chance in general. The s offer the possibility of this game - to play online roulette either alone or with other players at a table. They also allow to create private tables, to which the access is only possible after entering a password, which allows you to play with friends without being disturbed by the other players.

The principle of the game is that the player bets on a color, a number, a column and whether an even or odd number falls. Furthermore, you can also to a group of numbers, put either two, three, four, six, twelve or eighteen numbers.

After turning, the ball is thrown into the cylinder of the roulette and depending on which number or combination of numbers she stops and on what numbers or combinations of numbers you have set the application, the determination of profits.

Although the betting conditions are always to your disadvantage, you can win with a little luck also. When betting on one number, a gain of 35: 1 is paid, which is an enticing amount. For example, for 10 euros you can win original wager up to 350 + 10 Euro. The actual mathematical earnings ratio is the French Roulette 36: 1, what the (stone and online) casino brings a guaranteed share of 2.7%. The game has simple rules, offering a wide range of possible wagers. Regarding your game, there are two basic game modes,.

The only and very significant difference is that on the contrary to the French roulette, where only a 0, the American online roulette is also a so-called double zero is 00, which increases the chance of losing the player at a material level. Except for some combinations with zero the bets are essentially the same and equal shares will be paid out.

The French online roulette has the numbers 1 to 36 plus zero. Especially the zero secures the casino the share of 2.7%. In contrast, the American online roulette 36 numbers plus zero and double zero. This increases the income of the casinos down to 5.4%, which is already a substantial difference. Therefore it is generally recommended, especially to play the French roulette, where the player has better odds.

Other articles on our site you can learn about the online Roulette rules, dictionary of important terms that are used in roulette, read strategy and probability of profits and in the end we will give you a few tips and tricks directly for the online roulette . But most of all you can read here, how you can increase your own chances of winning by using appropriately chosen strategy in roulette game.

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